Newborn care: Everything you need to know about baby grooming


It’s true: Your baby is absolutely beautiful and probably the sweetest tiny human ever born, but even the most stunning infants need a bit of grooming now and then. And, as you’ve figured out by now, newborns don’t come with manuals, so we’ve rounded up some expert tips for keeping your baby looking (and feeling!) her best.

You may find some blood in Baby’s nappy and her breast tissue may be slightly swollen, both reactions to a mother’s hormones. It will settle within the first six weeks.

Newborns can be mucousy during the first days.  However, naturally birthed babies are normally less congested, but otherwise, breastfeeding and the superfood colostrum will sort this out.

Newborns like to sleep a lot the first few days, but never fear, this will change and you will notice ! Have you noticed your newborn staring at you with those big, glassy eyes? They are focusing on you – This supports bonding with you. How incredible!

What surprises did you experience with your newborn baby? We would like to hear from you in the comments below.

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