Some Parenting Aspirations That Will Make Your Home Happier


Plan 1

I will not treat my children like a project to be completed as efficiently as possible. Parenting is about ‘human resource management’ and calls for EQ skills, not rigid rules, efficiency and deadlines.

Plan 2
I will remember that if a developmental step is not going to be on my child’s CV one day, it probably isn’t something to stress about.
One day you will look back and know that you lost a lot of precious time when you stressed about when your child would roll over, sit, crawl, walk, eat enough, sleep through and be out of nappies.

Plan 3
I will believe that some household tasks can be put off for tomorrow.
A home with happy children and the sound of laughter and friendship will leave a legacy of a close-knit family – even if the home is in some disarray. Perfectly-maintained houses often house unhappy families.

Plan 4
I will set a good example so that my child becomes an adult worthy of respect and admiration. Research shows that children mostly return to the values and mannerisms of their parents, even if they occasionally stray as they grow up – now that’s investing in the future!

Plan 5
I will take each day as it comes, enjoy the small moments, and find time to play with and cuddle my child. Almost all parents think their little ones will never grow up, and one day almost all parents say how quickly the time passed, and how they wish they’d stressed less about unimportant things and spent more time playing, dancing and reading with their child.

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