Pregnacy and stress


Having something on your mind that just prevents you getting to sleep can really send you into a spiral. It means that you are tired the next day, which leads to more stress, which leads to the whole cycle repeating itself.

If this applies to you then hopefully this blog will provide some useful information, helping you relax and getting that much needed rest. After all, being unable to sleep is one of the worst things for your health and the reasons behind a lack of sleep should be addressed immediately.


We have all heard of ‘healthy body = healthy mind’ but surprisingly few of us put this into action when needed the most.

People with normally fantastic fitness regimes can lapse during times of stress. The excuses are quick to follow, whether they say they are too busy or just too stressed to work out. This is a bad excuse and should not be allowed to justify doing further damage to yourself.

Raising your heart rate through exercise lowers your stress hormones (e.g. cortisol) and releases mood-improving endorphins. Not only this, but exercise also leads to improved sleep.

Do not isolate yourself

If you are having a hard time at work/in a relationship, it is normal to want to isolate yourself. However, studies have shown that this is really bad for you and makes the stress worse.

Having social support is really important to alleviate stress and anxiety. Pick up the phone and call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. It will improve your mood and make you worry less about whatever is causing you stress at that moment.

Practice Mindfulness

This is always the tip that raises eyebrows, but the evidence is clear, mindfulness can help you isolate problems and reduce stress.

This can be achieved through meditation, yoga or any other exercise that focuses on mindfulness and breathing. By reflecting, controlling your breathing and relaxing, you are able to feel yourself become more calm.

Mindfulness has been shown to lower blood pressure and help with sleep. You can sign up to a free trial of Headspace app if you want to start today.

I truly hope that the above 3 tips have a positive impact on your life. Let me know below if you have started all 3 and the results that follow.

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