Have you wondered how long you will bleed after birth?


Bleeding after birth is very variable and often relates to the type of birth. A C-section bleeds least of all as your womb has been ‘scraped’ and ‘suctioned’ after your baby has been taken out. In a ‘normal’ birth, it will depend on how the birth went and if your placenta came out whole. Good natural birth often seems like it bleeds more, especially if you were birthing in an upright position as your womb can drain out most effectively.

However, the first three days one usually bleeds quite a lot, especially when you are feeding your baby as there is a pulse release of oxytocin. You will need a heavy sanitary pad for those days. Generally, after three days, bleeding decreases a lot, and you will need to wear a sanitary pad the whole time (not a tampon!).

Often women have a surge of bleeding around day 10, sometimes due to retained placenta pieces or blood clots. Bleeding should settle straight after, or see your midwife or doctor. You may bleed up to six weeks but the amount will gradually decrease. What was your experience? We would like to hear from you in the comments below

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